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Wisdom Teeth in Lakeland, Florida

We Offer General, Sedation and/Or Local Anesthesia
Lawrence K. Cook DDS, PA of the Lakeland Center For Oral Surgery & Implantology in Lakeland, Florida, specializes in wisdom teeth removal. Keeping your teeth healthy is our top priority. With one visit to our office, we'll put your fears at ease and thoroughly discuss the process for removing your wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Teeth

Protect that super smile by tackling wisdom teeth problems early. All the orthodontic appliances in the world can't defend your smile from crowding if wisdom teeth are lurking under the gums. By removing wisdom teeth before age 16, or as soon as an x-ray shows a problem, you can keep from undoing all the good your orthodontics has done. Early removal can also help prevent more serious problems like nerve injury in the jaw and infection.

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Wisdom Tooth - Oral Surgery in Lakeland, FL
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